Art.1 The International Exlibris Competition Varna is open for artists from all over the World, without limitation of education and occupation, aged 16 years or more, who accept its rules.

Art.2 There is no fee for participation. There are no restrictions as to the themes or techniques used. Every participant must fill in the Application form attached to this invitation and send it together with the works submitted. Works which are not accompanied by a completed and signed application form will not be reviewed.

Art.3 Participants are allowed to send maximum 5 (five) different bookplates, each of them in three signed copies. The works shall be created in the years 2014-2016. Art works presented in previous Exlibris Competition Varna shall not be accepted. The submitted art works will not be returned and will remain property of the graphic collection of the organizer of the event: Largo Art Gallery.

Art.4 No limitations exist regarding the printmaking techniques. In addition to traditional printmaking techniques, computer designs shall also be accepted, providing that works of art are made in limited total print. Photocopies, drawings or sketches shall not be accepted.

Art.5 The work shall be printed on paper not larger than 290 mm x 210 mm; the image (engraved part) shall not exceed the size of 150 x 150 mm. The following words have to appear in all the works: “Ex libris”, “Bookplate” or some other similar expression (e.g. “From the library of…”), besides the name of the person or institution the work has been designed for. The bookplates are to have (under the image) the author’s signature, year of creation, technique and title (if the work has such), print number or “edition of author” abbreviation E/A, A/P .

Art.6 All bookplates must have the following information, written with pencil, in English, with print letters on the reverse side of the paper: 1) last name, first name, country of the artist, 2) title of the work, 3) technique used, 4) dimensions of the engraved part in mm, 5) year the work was created, 6) full versions of initials or abbreviations, if used. The same data as well as artist’s brief CV, indicating education and professional career, must be sent as attached electronic document (.DOC, .PDF, text file) in e-mail to the following e-mail address:

Only entries with all the above requested information will be evaluated in the Competition. All those missing one or more of the requisites, described in Art. 2, 3, 5 and 6 will not be considered.

Art.7 The works should be sent without glass, frame or passé-partout, by registered air-mail as PRINTED MATTERIAL, declaring “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”. The works should be packaged in a solid and waterproof package, in the safest manner to avoid any kind of damage.  The words “DO NOT BEND” must be written on the envelope (or small package). Inside the package the signed application form must be enclosed. If the sending is done as a single shipment, but it contains the works of two or more artists, each participant must fill in and sign the attached application form, which implies the participation in the competition and the acceptance of the rules.

Art.8 The package with bookplates must be sent to the following postal address:

Largo Art Gallery
8, Han Krum Str.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria

Art.9 Deadline for sending bookplates is 10th of July 2016 (according to the date of the post stamp of the sender). Postage expenses are at the account of the sender. A confirmation of receiving of the package will be sent by e-mail. The organizers accept no responsibility for problems arising from the fault of the postal and courier services.

Art.10 With completing and signing of the Application form attached to this invitation, the participant endows his works to the fund of Competition. Largo Art Gallery reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit any work accepted, for promotional or cultural purposes and/or reproduce works on web-site of the competition, books, catalogues, posters, postcards, etc. with no commercial purpose.

Art.11 The Competition Jury will select the artists for participating at Competition exhibition and will select the works to be exhibited. The names of the accepted artists will be published on the website of the competition. A confirmation of acceptance for the Competition exhibition will be sent by e-mail to selected artists. The bookplates, once accepted by the Jury, will be presented in the website and Facebook page of the Competition and will be displayed in the exhibition halls of Largo Art Gallery. The exhibition at Largo Art Gallery will last from 18 August till 28 September 2016 and will be open to the public daily from 11.00 to 18.30. During the opening ceremony of the exhibition the winners will be announced and the prizes will be presented. A movie for the exhibition and the opening ceremony will be created and will be available on the YouTube channel of Largo Art Gallery.

Art.12 The representative Competition exhibition will also be exhibited in different places in other Bulgarian cities, in order to popularize the Competition and its participants. The schedule of the traveling exhibitions will be announced on the web site of the Competition.

Art.13 For the second edition of the International ExLibris Competition Varna will be printed catalog in which each of the selected for the exhibition artists will be presented with one artwork. The artists, included in the printed catalogue will be sent a free copy. All the participants of the International Exlibris Competition will receive e-mails with electronic Certificates of participation and electronic catalogue of the exhibition.

Art.14 Competition Jury Members:

Assoc. Prof. Dimo Kolibarov, Bulgaria – President of the Honorable Jury

Artist, Associate Professor at Department of Graphic Art of Faculty of Fine Arts at National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Hristo Kerin, Bulgaria

Artist, Associate Professor at Department of Graphic Art of Faculty of Fine Arts at St. Cyril and St. Methodius University, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Anna Tikhonova, Belarus

Artist, Curator of exlibris collection of the Museum of Modern Fine Art in Minsk (Belarus)

Konstantin Antioukhin, Ukrainе

Graphic Artist

Dimo Milanov, Bulgaria

Graphic Artist, Co-Founder of the International Exlibris Competition Varna

Art.15 Prizes:

First Prize: 400 EUR and invitation for one-man show during the next International Exlibris Competition in Largo Art Gallery in Varna;

Second Prize: 200 EUR;

Third Prize, Istanbul Exlibris Society’s Prize: 100 EUR;

Young Artist Award, for the young artist (under age of 28), student in art-school, art-college, university of arts: 100 EUR and web-presentation on the website of the competition;

Sponsor awards;

The Jury shall also be competent to attribute Honourable Mentions and Certificates of Honour to the ex-libris deserving honorary awards.

All winners will receive their awards personally in their bank accounts after reducing of the sum with tax according to Bulgarian Tax Law.


Julian Jordanov                                                                                              Nelly Valcheva

Artistic Director of Competition                                                                 Executive Director of Competition


Varna, April 2016