Turchenko, Ulyana / Турченко, Уляна

Ulyana Turchenko was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1980. Graphic artist that works in original stone lithography technique. Work on ex libris and free graphic works in own print studio in Poland (Stargard)
• 1991 -1995 – Art School named of Oleksa Novakovski (Lviv / Ukraine)
• 1996 – 2002 – I. Trush State College of Applied and Decorative Arts (Lviv / Ukraine) and got the degree of Bachelor: painter, graphic artist, designer, lecturer.
• From 2002 – works as a designer in a private design studio, also had activities as illustrator and artist.
• Since 2008 – focused on working for her artistic achievements on small graphic forms and ex libris.
• 2010 -2014 – started founded her own graphic studio in Lviv (Ukraine) with focusing on the stone lithography technique.
• From the first of 2015 changed the place of inhabitation to Stargard in Poland and moved her lithography studio to new location.

Edition 2016

Edition 2018

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