Eizans, Andrejs / Ейзанс, Андрей

Andrejs Māris EIZĀNS was born November 23, 1952. From 1971 – 1975 studied in Chemistry department of Latvian State university. In 1978 graduated from Riga’s Applied art school as graphic designer; 2006 graduated from Pedagogic Academy of Liepāja as teacher of visual arts and history of culture. Worked as graphic designer in different enterprises, but since 1980 in N. Draudziņas gymnasium as teacher of fine arts and history of culture. Since 1980 took part in art’s exhibitions with paintings, graphics and posters. Since 1984 created ex libris and took part in competitions and more than 350 exhibitions in Europe, Americas, Japan, Hong Kong, China. Works are in art collections in museums and private collections in different countries. Till this time took place 12 one – man exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Poland. Works are mentioned in competitions with different prizes.

Edition 2016

Edition 2018

Edition 2021

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