Gokce, Asli / Гьокче, Асли

Asli Gokce is a student at Istanbul Technical University, working towards a Bachelors of Architecture. She has recently completed her third year at the University of the West of England, Bristol, through the Erasmus+ programme. She provides creative input and direct visual representation for Beyond Studio Borders at all project stages. She has a desire to create experimental spaces for everyday people. From an early age she spent time working creatively at Atelier Dilşan Balkancı. Under the guidance of Balkancı, she learnt the fundamental principles of fine art and began to engage them with her approach to creative thinking. She quickly went on to have several joint exhibitions and two solo shows through which she sold works independently. After being introduced to professional associates of Atelier Dilşan, Asli was trained in technical drawing, oil painting and she went on to work alongside and together with Balkancı at the Atelier. She has recently spent time working at Unit DX as an architectural designer. Some of her achievements include Joint Exhibition: Participation in the competition for the 100th Anniversary of the Runner-up ‘A Corner of Sharing’ (March 2018), a solo exhibition: Absurd (October 2013), Part of the Honour’s List, High School (September 2013 – June 2014), a solo exhibition: Intensive Lines (May 2012), a participation in a joint exhibition: Atelier Dilşan Balkancı (March 2008) and others. She lives, studies and works in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Edition 2021

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