Mosele, Ivo / Мозеле, Иво

Ivo Mosele was born in 1950 in Roana- Vicenza, Italy. He is a painter and an engraver, who graduated from the Art Institute “Pietro Selvatico” in Padua and from the Academy of Beaux Arts in Venice. Ivo i a professor of graphic and pictorial techniques and has been working as one since 1971. Mezzotint is one of his favourite ways of expression. 
He has had numerous participations in National and International group exhibitions and competitions, dedacated to graphic art. He has also had many solo exhibitions, presenting his graphic works and his paintings.
He is a member of the Italian Exlibris Association.
He lives and works in Carre- Vicenza, Italy.

Edition 2018


Edition 2021

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