Guzeniouk, Victor / Гузенюк, Виктор

Victor Guzeniouk was born on 05.20.1959 in Mariupol, Russia. He graduated from a secondary art school in Leningrad and an art faculty of the theatre branch of I.Repin Institute attached to the Art Academy/1986/in St. Petersburg. Today he is an instructor of theatre composition there. As a stage artist, he designed the sets for over 10 performances in Russia and abroad. He is also engaged in book illustration. He is a member of the Artist’s Union of  Russia.

His first book symbol V.G. made in 1990. His key techniques are etching and engraving. He took part in different exhibitions and competitions. Victor Guzeniouk is an outstanding master of St. Petersburger’s ex-libris. He is a genuine artist, original and distinctive. The sources of his attitude to art lie in following brilliant work of the past, first-antiquity and classicism. Victor Guzeniouk works are not merely a unique imitation. The creative search and thorough investigation of antique monuments in different museums, libraries and palaces of the world allow him to find expression of his artistic conception in a pure language that is in the tune with that of past times. The plots of his works are not literary; they reflect a mythological way of thinking and apprehension of being: Prometheus, Pegasus, Daphne and many others – the heroes of his works.

Victor Guzeniouk prefers a classical approach to the work. And it is also not an imitation of Italian and French classicism, but it is the way of creating perfect compositions. This can be proved by his successful portrait ex- libris.

What puts the works of V.G. in a first-grade class is his educational peculiarities and professional work. The deep knowledge and understanding of the nature of theatre make it possible to avoid the affected decoration and all the artificial things that conceal the inner development of today’s ex-libris. That is why Victor Guzeniouk’s works so sincerely appeal to perceptive connoisseurs of graphic art.

(Source: Encyclopedia Bio-Bibliographical of the art of the contemporary ex-libris XIX volume)

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