Volosiuk, Svetlana / Волосюк, Светлана

Svetlana Volosiuk was born in 1982 in Belarus. In 2009 she graduated Grodno State University named by Yanka Kupala, the Faculty of Art. Painter, graphic artist and batik.

People, nature, books, music and everything around inspire her and she seek for various images and their essence in all that. Svetlana participate in exhibitions and in creative works on plein air, also she travel a lot – that brings her the best part of deep impressions and inspiration. These are things the creative process is absolutely impossible without. She participated in the contest “Exslibris 2013”, “Klemensa Raczaka” and “Exlibris  the Public Library of the city of Warsaw Wesola District 2013”.





Edition 2016


Edition 2021

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