Vasickova, Katarina / Васичкова, Катарина

Katarina Vasickova was born in Nitra, Slovakia in 1981, where she graduated from the Secondary School of Civil Engineering. She constantly shows her artistic skills by collaborating with other professional artists and by attending art seminars. Her personal mentor is the academic painter and graphic artist Vratislav Sevcik, who taught her engraving. A multifaceted artist, she is at ease with any project she tackles, the more challenging the better – whether her canvas is a small rock or a large wall on which she paints her lively, vividly colored murals. She is Member of Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece as a graphic Artist.

“Creating art is what I wake up for,” says Katarina. Even when employing a myriad of styles, forms and materials, the quintessential essence of “Katarina” is always present in her art.
Her artworks can be found in private collections as well as in embassies, schools, companies (offices), Municipality of Athens  bars and restaurants. 

She has participated in many art festivals such as The Fringe Festival in Athens, various UNESCO exhibitions, graphic art exhibition in Italy, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany,  China ,Greece (Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation in Athens) and in the embassies of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in Athens, Greece. Katarina has also taken part in various group exhibitions and has done four successful one-man shows at Parnassos Literary Society, Grecotel Pallas Athena , Winepoint in Athens and Metro Stages Athens.
She lives and works in Athens, Greece.


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