Semchyshyn, Alena / Семчишин, Альона

Semchyshyn, Alena

Alena Semchyshyn was born on 20.07.1985 in Maladzechna (Belarus). In 1996-2004 she studied in Republican Art College in
the name of Ahremchyk, Minsk (Belarus) and 2004-2010 in Art Academy, Minsk (Belarus). From 2013 she is a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists. She participated in republican Exhibitions and Plein Air in Belarus and International Exhibitions and Competitions in Belarus, Bulgaria , Ukraine, Poland, China, Lithuania, Argentina, Republic of Macedonia, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Serbia, Japan.

02.2005 – International contest “Another sight”, Poland (prize)
28.03.2008 – International water color Competition ”SINAIDE GHI”16 (2 prize), Rome (Italy)
2009 – International Competition “Mail Art”, Macedonia (prize)
          – International Exlibris Competition “Il Bosco Stregato”, Italy (special mention)
          – Honorary Diploma by the Jury of the Eighth Edition of the “Iosif Iser” International 
          – Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition, Romania
          – The 1st Beijing Erotic Exhibition (certificate of award), China
2010 – International Exlibris Competition “Il Bosco Stregato”, Italy (signed by jury)

          – International Competition for Kosciuszko Exlibris, Poland (3 prize)

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