Piskun, Safiya / Пискун, Сафия

Safiya Piskun studied at the Bielorussian State Art-Akademy in Minsk, Specialeducation for graphic-art at Prof. Slavuk and Prof. Savitsch. Participation at the international „Summer-Seminar“ for young artists in Kryzhowo (Polen), and I was nominated for the 1st price of this competition(2003). March 2007: First exhibition in Geisingen (Baden – Württemberg) with great interest of the medias and newspapers. There I have showed big pictures in acryl-technik and etchings. 2007, July 2nd exhibition in Geisingen during a festival of this town, therefore I presentated a big serial of „different views of the town“ to the public and I celebrated there my 25th birthday. 2007 – 2010 was working in the culture-institution called „academical artist studios for painting, graphic and sculpur“. Leader was Michail Savitskiy and Georgi Poplavskiy. In 2009, working in the film-studio of the „Belasusfilm“ as an artist, responsible for the design of the cartoon-film „Kaljady“. From 2003 to 2010, working in different bielorussian publishing houses called „Patschatkovaja schkola“ „Mastatskaja litaratura“ and „Slavanskae slova“), during this time lots of children-book were made by me. 2011 – scholarship of the DAAD for several months again at the Art-academy in Münster – I made again a book-project with original etchings, handmade in a small edition. In 2011 – participation at the international Competition „IMPRINT 2011“ (Polen).

Edition 2016

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