Nasil, Kwak / Насил, Куак

Nasil, Kwak

Nasil Kwak lives and works in Korea. She is member of Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association and Korean Contemporary Woodcut Association.

Solo exhibitions:

2008 SPACE IN PROGRESS.Gallery Factory. Seoul.

2005 INTER-SPACE. BETWEEN-TIMES. Gallery Seizy. Seoul.

2000 Print exhibition (block-between). KWAN HOON Gallery. Seoul.


2009 Opere Segnalate. International Biennial of Engraving “Premio Acqui”. Italy. 

2008 SIGM,Special prize. International Small Engraving Salon Carbunari. Romania.

2007 1st prize of El Caliu.The 12th Edition International of Engraving Premio El Caliu. Spain.

2003 Jury Selected Miniature of the Year. Third Annual International Miniature Print Exhibition ‘little m’. Vilnius. Lithuania.

Edition 2014


Edition 2016

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