Molibozhenko, Yury / Молибоженко, Юри

Molibozhenko, Yury

Yury Molibozhenko was born in 1960 in Russian town Serov. He graduated from Institute of arts and industry in Kharkov in 1982, specializing in styling.Yury works in the field of small- scale printings since 1985. The technique is xylograph. Yury Molibozhenko is the member of exhibitions of ex – libris in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Italy, China in 1985 to 2014. His works also were presented at the world congress FISAE, held in Naantaly (Finland) in 2012, in Tarragona (Spain) in 2014. Now he lives in Russia and works as the designer in advertising agency.






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Edition 2021

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