Lupandin, Vladimir / Лупандин, Владимир

Vladimir Andreevich Lupandin was born on February 6, 1988 in Kotelnich (Kirov region, RSFSR) in a family of engineers. He studied at the music and art schools. Vladimir Lupandin graduated from the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Vologda state Polytechnic University. Speciality: Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage. In 2011, in Perm he made a small circulation pamphlet «PLIRUTZ». Also in 2011 he was drafted into the Armed Forces, serving in the Arctic Circle, was in the position of soloist military orchestra. In 2012, he discharged with the rank of corporal, and returned to Vologda. He worked as a restorer architect, laborer, painter-polisher. Constantly he lives and works in Vologda. Graphic artist. Member of regional exhibitions of young artists. Also on the bill are four solo exhibitions. Bookplate has been since 2014.

Recent exhibitions:

  1. Personal exhibition in the time-cafe “Garden”, Vologda, 2015
  2. «Elabuga exlibris Triennial-2015», Elabuga, 2015
  3. The Fifth All-Russian Exhibition bookplates, Vologda, 2015
  4. Personal exhibition in “Guilty”, Vologda, 2015

Edition 2016


Edition 2018


Edition 2021

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