Gielecka-Grzemska, Katarzyna / Гелецка-Гржемска, Катаржина

Katarzyna Gielecka Grzemska, born in 1985. Graduated from The Academy of Th e Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. In 2008 she defended with honours her B.A. work, “Icon: a study” in prof. Waldemar Węgrzyn’s screen print atelier. In the same atelier in 2010, she defended M.A. work, “Momentary bodies”. Since 2014 she’s a doctoral student in Institute of Arts, Faculty of Art in Cieszyn, University of Silesia in Katowice. As an artist she’s mostly involved in graphics experimenting and combining variety of medium such as serigraphy, algraphy, digital prints, gum bichromate and photography.


Edition 2016

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