Delekta, Eugeniusz / Делекта, Еугениуш

Delekta, Eugeniusz

Eugeniusz Delekta was born in 1946. He studied in Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated with distinction the Faculty of Graphic Art in Katowice in 1972. Since 1973 he was worked at University of Silesia in Katowice. In 1997 he obtained the title of professor of fine arts. He runs a studio of graphic workshop in Institute of Art. Presented his work at more than 70 individual exhibitions, he has showed his works in galleries of contemporary art in Poland and abroad.

Awards – more than 40 at national exhibitions and competitions. Some awards:

2010 – National Exlibris Competition “Bicentenary of the birth of Frederic Chopin” – 1st prize

2011 – International Competition of graphic “Man – Earth – Space” in Gdansk  – 1st prize

2012 – 6th International Exlibris and small graphic Forms competition “Sport” – 1st prize

2013 – 7th International Exlibris Invitation Competition of Fu Xian Ziai – excellent prize for exlibris



Edition 2014


Edition 2016

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