Casalino, Luigi / Казалино, Луиджи

Casalino, Luigi

Luigi Casalino is an Italian graphic artist, illustrator, and designer. Born on May 8th,1941 in Novara, Italy. He works in techniques such as chalcography, xylography, and etching. These techniques are very suitable for the expressive field of exlibris and the small scale graphics. He prefers working in etching and especially in one called maniera nera. Funny and curious situations, animals treated symbolically are usual subjects of his exlibrises. He admires work of Bosch, Breugel, and Bocklin and is deeply interested in Byzantine, Russian art ( Icon ) and Art Nouveau. In 1996 he created 80 illustrations to Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio. His works can be found in many collections, museums, and libraries in Italy and abroad.






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Edition 2021

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