Kars, Suggur

Suğgur Kars was born in Istanbul. She attended the traditional Turkish Ornamental Arts Courses at Cerrahpasha Medical Faculty, Department of Deontology and History of Medicine between 1980 – 1988.  She has specialized in the Ottoman art of illumination. And in 1984, she received Dist. Prof. Dr. Süheyl Ünver’s diploma (authorizing certificate) in the field of illumination.  Between 1988 – 1990, she completed a program at the Turkish Ornamental Painting Department of Beylerbeyi Olgunlaşma Institute.  In 1990, she started studying at the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, where she studied Illumination as the major course (as a trainee of Associate Professor Tahsin Aykutalp) and Calligraphy as her second major. And she graduated in 1994.  She opened up numerous personal exhibitions in İstanbul, as well as solo exhibitions in Ankara, İzmir, Didim and Trabzon. She organized group exhibitions with her students and took part in a collective exhibition in Egypt.  Since January 2011, she has been busy with her works in engraving and exlibris in Ayşen Erte’s Engraving-Painting Atelier. And together with this atelier, she took part in many group exhibitions  in Istanbul and the warious cities of Turkey and the world…Member of Istanbul Academy of Exlibris and Istanbul Ekslibris Association…Also participated  in FISAE  Congresss Spain|Tarragona….Aside from these works, she continues to train students in her own atelier, hoping to attract younger generations to the highly specialized field of Traditional Turkish Arts.      

Edition 2016

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