Trajce, Blazevski Stojan

Born in 1955 in Skopje. Finished the Academy of Fine Art in Pristine, department Graphics in 1980. Postgraduated studies finished in Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department Graphics in 1982. Doctorated in subject “Graphic as fine language in art in Balkan” in 2010. He used the students dormitory in paris in 1986 from the Fond “Mose Pijade”. Is a member of DLUM from 1980. He is a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje at University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”. Works in all graphic techniques: collage, drawing and oil. He has realized 63 solo exhibitions in Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Poland, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania. From 1979 has participated over 650 group exhibitions in the country and abroad: France, USA, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, China, Nederland, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and many other countries. Has participated in 65 art colonies in the country and abroad. Has won 14 national and 5 international awards and other recognitions. He is a member in many International associations. ABI Raleight North Carolina USA, AWI Bluffon USA, ABC Cambridge England, ASROPA Messina Italy and DLUM, DLUB and ULUBIH.

Edition 2016

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