Leyes, Alejandra

Born in Buenos Aires January 15, 1966. Received her degree in “Artisanal Techniques Applied to Industry” from the E.N.E.T “Fernando Fader” in 1984. Graduated as National Professor of Printmaking from the E.N.B.A Prilidiano Pueyrredón in 1990. Completed workshop with Osvaldo Jalil in 1997. From 1990 onward participated in numerous national and international contests. Assistant to the departments of “Systems, composition and analysis of art” and “Drawing in the E.N.B.A “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” under the professor Marta Pennella since 1998. Panel member of numerous competitions. Realized more than 12 individual exhibitions and more than 50 collective exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Realized courses and seminars organized by Xylon, Society of Argentina Printmakers. Organized the Exlibris Competition in the Hurlingham Library in 2000. Realized University Seminar in the I.U.N.A. Instructor of the Printmaking workshop at the Center of Culture of Hurlingham since 2000. Assistant to the Departments of Drawing and Painting at I.U.N.A. from 1999-2003. Instructor at municipal schools throughout the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Member of the Band of Sikuris of I.M.P.A since 2003. Professor of Printmaking workshop at the Lola Mora School of Fine Arts, C.A.B.A since 2006. Substitute professor of Printmaking at E.B.A. “Rogelio Yrurtia” C.A.B.A. in 2009. Work on display at museums, art galleries and private collections. Realized exlibris for national and foreign institutions and various figures in the arts.

Edition 2016

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